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Questions I Never Asked in My Whole Life Until I Got an RV

They’re mostly about poo.

Can I drive the 300 miles from Ashland to Portland, Oregon, without emptying the black tank under the toilet I’ve been pooping in (and peeing in! Never don’t pee in the RV!) for two weeks while I was parked on an absurdly beautiful property in Mendocino and then in my ex-husband’s apartment-complex parking lot?

Is the thing that I’m smelling while making said drive possibly the mythical RV-black-tank odor so many internet posts have warned about but that I’ve never, in seven months of RV living, experienced, despite having the most hyperosmic nose this side of the Mississippi?

If I’m too tired to deal with the sewage smell seeping into the bathroom even though I already emptied the tank after I finally arrived in Portland, can I just open the bathroom ceiling vent, turn the fan on “out,” and close the bathroom door and go to bed?

Can the internet tell me how to clean this tank in a way that I can get done before I have to check out of this RV park at noon?

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