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How to Talk to Your Inner Child

🖤 Have you told you lately that you love you? 🖤
A wooden bench sitting among many green leafy plants, with “You’re art that walks around” carved into the backrest.
Like this bench.

Like you would talk to the Dalai Lama if he were at your house.

And he was sick.

And it was his birthday.

Like you would talk to someone else’s child, whom you found on a beach, washed ashore from a sinking ship, lost and scared and freezing and alone.

Like you would talk to the heartthrob who adorned posters of your pre-teen room.

Like you would talk to your personal hero. Like a global idol. Like an old woman who just lost her lifetime spouse. Like a young parent who just lost a baby.

Like the cutest puppy you’ve ever seen. Like a perfect and perfectly delicate kitten. Like you would talk to your most beloved person or pet when they badly needed something—when they badly needed you.

Reverently. Sweetly. Kindly. With enthusiasm. Patience. Nicer than you’ve ever talked to anyone in your life. Like, “Hiiii, sweetheart.” Like, “Hey, baby, what do you need?” Like “Of course.” Like “I so appreciate your input” and “I won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to do.” Like, “I am so sorry I wasn’t here.” “Please forgive me for all the times I ignored you.” “I am so sorry you’re sad.”

Like “I adore you.” “You mean everything to me.” “I have always loved you, and will love you beyond space and time. I promise to keep trying to get better at showing it.”

Like: “Whatever else ever happens, you will always, always have me.”